Food Truck

The name of my food truck is Daggy delight and my colors are green,white, and  black

about Daggy Delight: my food truck sells desserts because i love sweets but also i think that cheesecake and donuts are such a unique combination. There is different size of cheesecake and bundles of donuts that starts at 3. we also have drinks and other appetizers. i choose green and black because they just  remind me of a comfortable spot that i like to escape.

Supreme Court:Loving vs. Virginia

The loving vs. Virginia had to to with Virginia anit-miscegenation laws. This happened during 1958 and when it was taken to the supreme court is 1963. Richard, a white men and Mildred a mixed woman with both African American and Native American ancestry, had gotten married in D.c because it was the only place that Permitted interracial marriage but when they  returned to Virginia they were  arrested and were to be in prison for one but that prison sentence  would later be suspended if they left and never cam back to Virginia. Later in 1963 there case was taken one by the American Civil Liberties Union. The loving’s lawyer Cohen and Hirschkop argued that it was breaking the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, and that “These are not health and welfare laws, These are slavery laws, pure and simple.” they enforced white white supremacy. This case is one of the most important case to help fight against the Jim crow laws. Now to commemorated it each year there is “loving’s day” to help celebrating multiracial families and interracial marriage.